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Soundtrack of My Workout: The Songs that Make You Happy

2013 July 31
by Jess

Wow! Getting back into shape really isn’t that much fun. I honestly can’t remember a time when I went six weeks without cardiovascular exercise.

I appreciate the fact that I am able to run, so don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a complaint, it’s just a conversation about challenges and starting from the beginning.

Running is never “easy” no matter what. In fact I’d say it’s always hard.

On a run with a friend recently I compared running to push-ups. They never get easier, you just get to the point where you can do more of them (or run more miles) but they are still difficult no matter how many you are capable of doing.

Speaking of push-ups, while I was injured I set the goal of being able to complete 30 push-ups in a row and I reached that goal on Monday!

Reaching goals, no matter how small they are make me happy!

Now, let’s get to what makes you happy! Yesterday, I asked you for your favorite Run Happy summer song and here are the ones you submitted.

That song by The Killers is one of my all time favorite running songs, but I’m also loving Pompeii by Bastille for long runs. Thank you for all the great submissions!

What’s your favorite song from this list?

BTW Brooks Running is compiling a list of songs for their #RunHappy Summer Playlist and will feature a few of your choices from this playlist!

I am a Brooks Run Happy Ambassador for which I receive compensation.

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